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Suggested Price: $20.00

Production Grand Version 2 is a complete re-development of the Production Grand user interface and includes dozens of features, fixes and upgrades to the already extraordinary Production Grand Piano Sample Library.

New Features in Production Grand Version 2:

  • Complete reverb section with a new impulse response library that covers churches, studios, halls, plates and more.
  • New pedaling script that can do half-pedaling, catch pedaling and more.
  • Sympathetic resonance.
  • Combined Modern and Vintage patches into a single Kontakt instrument.
  • Mixer Page with routing, pan, solo, mute, mono, eq, compression and reverb send.
  • A Mixer Mono button per channel that is the most adaptable of its kind with the option to solo left or right channels or to sum both stereo channels to mono. This gives extreme flexibility in the panning of sounds and the creation of new stereo pairs from the left of one mic perspective and the right channel of another mic perspective.
  • PRESETS! Every other user has been asking for presets!
  • Live mode for PreAttack that eliminates the latency!

and MORE…

Production Grand Version 2 brings Production Grand Full (Hard drive or download), Production Grand Gold and Production Grand LE users up to the latest version.

Flexible Pricing

Setting a low update price allows Production Voices to recover some of our development costs so that our small team of can continue to develop multi-microphone piano sample libraries.

You can set any price from our suggested price of $20 to $0.

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Production Grand 2 Upgrade brings users of the original Production Grand Version 1 to the latest release.

The following versions of Production Grand are eligible for the Production Grand Version 2 upgrade:
Production Grand (Full version on hard drive or download)
Production Grand Gold
Production Grand LE

The following products are NOT eligible for the Production Grand Version 2 upgrade:
Production Grand Modern 4
Production Grand One

Users of Production Grand Modern 4 and Production Grand One can upgrade to either Production Grand 2, Production Grand 2 Gold or Production Grand 2 LE by contacting support.

System Requirements:

    Requires NI Kontakt 5.6.8 or greater (not included).

  • A computer that meets the minimum Kontakt requirements.
  • 8 GB RAM or more.
  • Production Grand version 1 or 2 samples installed (Version 1 and 2 use the same samples).

Solid State Drive or Raid Drive recommended for more than 2 microphone perspectives at one time.

Note: Compatible with the full version of Kontakt only (not included). Not for use with Kontakt Player.

You can still use both Production Grand Version 1 and Version 2 at the same time! No need to uninstall Version 1!

Download Instructions and Notes:

Production Grand 2 Upgrade contains only data files not samples (25mb download size). Production Grand 2 uses the exact same samples as the original Production Grand. Users can simply link the presets to the original Production Grand sample folder.

All registered Production Grand 2 users will receive updates automatically by email.